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Regrettably Brian and Shirley Nelson have decided to cease trading January 2020. This has not been an easy decision as we recognise that there is still a significant demand for our products and we are endeavouring to pass the business on to another supplier.

We recognise that the Marris House and B&S Malaise traps in particular were held im high regard by researchers. They remain an essential tool in monitoring insect populations and biodiversity studies and their use has been especially important in highlighting global insect declines. We hope these items at least will remain available through another supplier.

We will make an announcement on here when that has been acheived. Until then we will supply some items from the stock that we still have.

Please contact us by email to enquire if items are available.

Contact emails Shirley@entomology.org.uk and Brian@entomology.org.uk

Finally we would very much like to thank all our customers over the years for their business and support.

With best regards

Brian and Shirley Nelson

B&S Entomological Services


We welcome orders from anywhere! Small quantities (5 or fewer) of our most popular items can be purchased via our website. For items not available through the online shop and larger orders (more than 5) please contact us by email or phone. We accept official orders from government departments, local authorities, educational establishments or public service bodies. Your official order can be sent by post or email.

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